Medium 6' X 13' Large 10' X 21' Yard 12' X 36'
Unit Rental: Unit Rental: Stall Rental:
$63/mo $126/mo $25/mo
Includes GST

Affordable, Fast and Secure Self Storage

South Country Self Storage offers several options including 2 different unit rental sizes of 6' X 13' x 10’ and 10' X 21' x 10’. For outside yard storage we offer 12' X 36' stalls. We make renting from us easy and fast simply click "Rent Now" to see our available units and stalls to "Rent Now" or "Reserve". When signing-up you'll have the option to choose a Monthly Rental Plan or an Annual Rental Plan. Monthly rental plans are charged on the 1st of every calendar month. The Annual rental plan is a 12-month lease but charges you for only 11 rental months in advance, giving you One Free Month. Just select the plan you wish and click the Rent Now Button. You will then enter your account information and your credit or debit card payment for billing. After successful sign-up you will receive a welcome email containing your online account access and storage access information. If you select Reserve, you will provide your contact info and the date you wish to move in and our support team will reply to request. All tenant rentals are subject to our Terms Of Service and Privacy Policy which can be read on the links found on the footer of our website. If you have any questions, please just contact us using the Contact Us link on the top of our website. For more answers to your questions visit our FAQ page.

Self Storage Sizes and Price Options:

Unit Size Unit Price
6′ x 13′ (Medium) $ 63.00 /mo.
6′ x 13′ (Medium) $ 693.00 /yr.
10′ x 21′ (Large) $ 126.00 /mo.
10′ x 21′ (Large) $ 1386.00 /yr.
12′ x 36 (Yard Stall) $ 25.00 /mo.
12 x 36 (Yard Stall) $ 275.00 /yr.