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At South Country Storage we offer several options including 2 different unit rental sizes including 6′ X 13′ for $63.00 per month and a 10′ X 21′ for $126.000 per month. For outside yard storage we offer 12′ X 36′ stalls at $25.00 During your rental sign-up you also have the option of an annual lease for 12 months whereby we bill you in advance for only 11 months giving you 1-month free rent.
This is always a tough question but typically, a small house contents or 1-bedroom apartment will fit our large 10’ x 21’ storage units. It really does depend just how much stuff you have and how well its packed and organized in your unit. Keep in mind your storage unit stacks 10 feet high. Check out the visual example of our 2 unit sizes found on our home page image gallery. If you still need some help just Contact Us.
At South Country Storage we have made it easy to rent online. Simply click the “Rent Now” link on our top menu. From there choose the type of unit you wish to rent clicking on the Rent Now button and you will be taken to the tenant sign-up page were you’ll enter your tenant info, choose your move-in date, choose whether you wish month to month billing or annual billing for a 12-month paid-in-advance lease that gives one-month free charging you for only 11 months instead of 12.Then simply enter your credit or debit card information and submit. You will then receive a “Welcome Email” with instruction on how to immediately access your designated rental unit or space. If you do not see your Welcome email within 30 minutes of sign-up, please check your SPAM in-box and if still not visible please Contact Us Us and we we’ll be happy to help.
Yes! At South Country Storage we have made it easy to reserve online. Simply click the “Rent Now” link on our top menu. From there choose the type of unit you wish to rent clicking on the Reserve button. You’ll then see a pop-up window to enter your name and contact info, and select the date you wish to reserve a unit or space. After submitting this short form one our support team will reply within 24 hours to you regarding availability for your request.
Yes. The minimum rental period is 30 days. As 30-days’ notice is required to vacate your rental you would need to give that notice at your time of rental to ensure you are not billed for the next month.
‌Initially you’ll receive a welcome email that contains the information access your rental immediately providing you a main gate entry code, and the unit # or yard space # to which you can move-in your belongings or your vehicle. From there you can access your storage unit or yard space 24/7. PS. Please remember to bring a padlock to secure your store unit access door.
While you can decide to vacate and move out at any time just by emailing or calling us. A minimum 30-day’s notice is required to prevent further billings. So if you decide to vacate without 30 days’ notice you will be responsible for payment of the following month’s rent regardless.Note: Vacating your unit requires you to fully remove all contents from rental unit or yard stall and all unit must have been swept clean. Failing to do so will occur additional clean-up charges on your final billing.
At South Country Storage we’ve made accessing your billing and paying your bill a breeze. When you sign-up you are required to have a credit card or debit card for pre-authorized payments. All rental periods begin and are charged at the first of each month. If you your rental starts anytime other than the first of them month your first billing will represent a pro-rata per day charge for the current month and the full billing will begin on the first day of the next physical month. All billings are recorded in your online account admin dashboard where you can see all records of your billings and even update your account with a new credit or debit card for future billings.
In the unfortunate event of your credit or debit card being declined, you will be notified of this by email and your credit card will be re-processed 5 days later without penalty. Should your credit or debit card be declined a 2nd time, you will receive a second email of the decline with notice that a $20.00 late fee has been levied and that a final attempt of the rental charge plus the $20.00 late fee shall be re-processed in 5 business days. Should the 3‌rd and final attempt also be declined our support team will personally reach out to the tenant by phone for resolution that may include the action of abandonment. For further information and details on default payments please read our tenant’s Terms Of Use agreement found in the footer of our website.